Who is ClicBot?

ClicBot is your family's newest member. He listens, he thinks, and he even reacts. His Personality is contagious, and his playful design makes him even more loveable. More than this, he's an engaging teacher that knows how to make learning more fun.

+ The ClicBot Universe

 ClicBot is an entire universe. He's got more than 1000 different setups, so you can build yours to climb, dance, crawl, drive, or even serve you your morning coffee.

+ What can he do
More than 50 Pre-defined use cases like
    • Walking
    • Climbing
    • Dancing
    • Racing
    • Drawing
6 games out of the box, and more to come
    • Trivia
    • Red light
    • Green light
    • Go to the
    • Center Spot
    • Ghost
    • Catcher
    • Ball
    • Chaser
    • Distance
    • Keeper
Get competitive and program your ClicBot to battle
+ His Personalities
ClicBot has more than 200 reactions like nuzzling up to you when you pet him, trying to find you when you cover his eye, and getting excited when you put him in the charging station. There are two setups with predefined personalities according to their specific set ups-you don't even need to code them.
ClicBot as a Teacher
Taking a new approach to STEM

+ No-Coding Robotics

+Learning to Code

+Advanced Coder

+ ClicBot Academy
The ClicBot academy offers 10+ twenty-minute courses, perfect for all levels. The courses are developed to teach core robotics concepts and are fun to watch and follow.
+ The ClicBot Community
Upload your videos to the ClicBot community and browse videos from other users. Learning others and let them learn from you-the perfect combination of creativity and education.
The ClicBot Parts