Q1What robot is ClicBot?

ClicBot is an intelligent modular joint robot. Clicbot has multiple intelligent modules, including brain module, joint module, skeleton module, wheel module, execution module and all kinds of sensor modules. Users can achieve a variety of functions by creating and splicing robots of any configuration with ClicBot's intelligent modules, just like binding bricks.

Q2What’s Clicbot designed to be used? What can I do with it?

ClicBot is an educational entertainment robot suitable for children aged from 6 to 16. Clicbot provides dozens of configurations for users to play, such as the configuration of characters that can make interactions with users, the official configuration that manipulates racing climbing and so forth. You are also able to create customized configurations and realize more functions by applying the movement programming and procedural programming in the ClicBot APP. Free video courses and robot community provided by ClicBot APP will help users to acquire skills and inspirations.

Q3How to use ClicBot robot?

ClicBot robots with any configurations must have a brain module. Users can select the character configuration Bic and Bac in the system menu, completing the configuration connection under the splicing guidance to play the function of character configuration. Also, users are able to connect the brain module with ClicBot APP and then enter into the “Playground”step in the APP to choose official configuration, completing the official configuration under the splicing guidance. In addition, users are also capable of creating robot with new configurations by entering into the “Laboratory”step in the APP.

Q4What is the character configuration of ClicBot?

ClicBot's character configuration is a specific robot with Alive emotional interaction and interactive game functions, which is launched officially. We’ve launched character configurations of Brain, Bic and Bac as our first batch. After turning on the brain module, it enters the Brain character configuration by default. If users want to play Bic or Bac character configuration, you can select Bic or Bac in the system menu and complete the connection under the guidance.

Q5How to choose to enter ClicBot character configuration?

If ClicBot is currently under the mode of Brain character configuration, users can select Bic or Bac character configuration after entering the system menu. If users have already entered the Bic or Bac character configuration module, it is viable to return to Brain character configuration automatically after dismounting the current configuration or enter the menu system to select other character configurations.

Q6What is the function of ClicBot's character configuration?

The character configuration of ClicBot mainly has three types of functions, which are character interaction, character game and character application. After entering character configuration, users will play the function of character interaction by default. Character configuration mode is capable of recognizing human interactive manipulation and make interesting interactions with users through a variety of sensory system. Users are also able to enter the system menu and select character games and applications for your current character configuration. Only if users have completed and entered the character configuration mode in accordance, they are able to play the function of the character configuration accordingly.

Q7Does Clicbot support Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant integration? Why?

Clicbot has his own personality. It can be cool as you mentioned and we're considering Alexa, Google Assistant and other integrations as future features. We value your feedback and experience.

Q8Can two or more Clicbot interact/communicate with each other?

How or more Clicbots can not make direct interactions and communications with each other at the moment.

Q9Does Clicbot speak or talk?

ClicBot is unable to speak any specific language at present. However, under the character configuration mode, Clicbot is able to express its current emotions in the function of character interaction.

Q10Which languages does Clicbot support?

The system languages supported by ClicBot are Simplified Chinese, English and Japanese.

Q11Do you provide AR function?

Clicbot AR module and its supporting AR competitive game functions will be launched lately, please stay tuned!

Q12How to enter and operate Clicbot system menu?

The system menu for Clicbot mainly displays the functions that can be operated and used currently. In the state that the eyeball animation is displayed on the screen of the Brian module, click the "-" virtual switch button at the bottom of the screen to enter the system menu for operation. After entering the system menu, users can click the "-" virtual switch button at the bottom of the screen to return to the page of eyeball animation.

Q13When can I download the APP?

ClicBot APP will become available in APP Store and Google Play in the middle of April and users can download and use it.

Q14What’s the minimum and recommended hardware/system requirement  to use Clicbot APP?

The minimum supported IOS system version of ClicBot APP is 9.0, and the Android system version is 5.0.

Q15How to connect ClicBot APP?

The Brain module has two ways to connect the ClicBot APP, which are routing connection and hot spot connection. Under the condition that the Brain module is connected to WiFi, users can choose routing connection. After confirming that the device installed with the ClicBot APP and the Brain module are connected to the same WiFi, users can select the "Connect" function of the ClicBot APP to automatically search for the Brian module under the WiFi. After the Brian module being searched successfully, users can click to complete the connection.

Users can also choose hot spot connection, select "Device Connection - Hot spot Connection" on the Brain module, and scan the QR code of the hot spot connection to complete connection.

Q16What protocol do you use to communicate with the robot ?

ClicBot uses WiFi and device APP to communicate.

Q17How ClicBot connects to the Internet?

Enter the "Settings" of the ClicBot APP and select "Brain-Network Settings" to set the WiFi network that needed to be connected. After the setting is completed, the QR code of the WiFi connection will appear. Then enter the system menu of the Brain module, select "Network Connection", click the WiFi icon, and scan the connection QR code in the ClicBot APP with the camera of the Brain module. After successful recognition, the ClicBot will be connected to the WiFi network. If ClicBot has connected to the network already, users can also switch to other WiFi networks by following this procedure.

Q18Can I use Clicbot locally

If you are using ClicBot for the first time, you will need to connect to the Internet. Subsequent use may not require network connection.

Q19What kind of battery does Clicbot use?

ClicBot is powered by a 1550mh rechargeable battery in the Brain module.

Q20How to charge ClicBot?

Users are able to charge the Brain module through the Type-C interface behind the module itself.

Special reminder: You’re recommended to use the original charging cable and a 5V 2A adapter to charge the Brain module because the charging cable of dual Type-C ports may fail to charge.

Q21How long does it take for ClicBot to be fully charged? How long can it been used at full power?

It takes 2.5 hours for ClicBot to go from a power-off state to a fully charged state. It takes about 40 minutes from the power-off state to 50% charging state.

The fully charged state of ClicBot can support continuous use of Bac character configuration for more than 3 hours.

Q22Can I turn off the microphone/camera/internet

Users can set the system language, camera switch, screen brightness and sound level of the Brain module by entering ClicBot "System Menu" and selecting "Settings" function.

Q23Where’s my data stored?

All the user data has been entered will be encrypted and only stored locally on the device.

Q24How ClicBot performs facial recognition?

If you want to play the facial recognition function of the ClicBot character configuration, you need to select "meet friends" in the system menu to enter the facial recognition data, and choose to turn on the camera in "Settings" at the same time.

Q25How ClicBot feel and touch?

There are three capacitive touch sensing areas on the Brain module of ClicBot, which are located on the front, left and right sides. When your hand touches any of the above mentioned areas, ClicBot can detect stroke signals accordingly.

Q26How does ClicBot recognize gesture operations?

There is a gesture recognition touch sensor on the Brain module of ClicBot, which can recognize eight different gesture operations (wave left hand / right wave / up wave / down wave / close / away / clockwise circle / counterclockwise Circled).

The farthest effective recognition of the gesture sensor is an air operation plane with a distance of 20 cm and a size of 15.4 cm x 15.4 cm.

Q27How can I register an account?

Select "Settings-Account" in the ClicBot APP and choose to register a ClicBot account.

Q28What’s the function of ClicBot account?

After users logging into the ClicBot accounts, you’re able to synchronize all the configurations created for now and saved to the server. After switching to other devices to log into the ClicBot account, users can obtain and continue to utilize all configurations that have been created and saved from the server. Besides, the ClicBot account can be used to share, download, and comment on community content in the APP community.

Q29What’s the Clicbot SDK?

ClicBot SDK is not available for developer to use at the moment. We will inform users by pushing system message once the function becomes available.

Q30How to update ClicBot?

ClicBot can achieve OTA download and update function. After confirming that the Brain module is connected to the network, users can enter the system menu and select "Update" to check for software updates. Users can execute download updates operation if new update versions have been found. Others modules can also execute software updates operation. When users connect the module with the Brain module, the software version of that module will be tested automatically. When a new version of the module is detected, an update prompt will appear on the screen and users can complete the module software update by following the steps mentioned.