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Make incredible things happen with ClicBot! ClicBot is an advanced

intelligent coding robot designed for all ages!

STEM learning can be much more easier and interesting with

the company of ClicBot!




  • It's alive!
  • That's Right!
  • ClicBot comes with hundreds of unique interactions built in and will react to your movements and touch - it's so life like!

How about having a car-robot who knows self-driving?

How about having a spider-robot who is able to climb on the window?

How about having a thief-robot who can steal your cookies with hands?

It's all possible with ClicBot and so much more!

Just build, program, and play!

Your imagination is the only limitation!
Creativity is a core part of education. That’s why STEM learning becomes more and more popular these years. The more creative you are, the more possibilities you will have in the future. ClicBot is designed to activate your interest in STEM learning and a great number of set-ups will let you never be bored with it.
  • Want to build a ClicBot?
    ClicBot is a modular robot , which means that it can be built and rebuilt in many ways using different modules! Building a robot is more easier than you ever thought, just click two pieces together! What type of robot you build is entirely up to you!
  • Just click the pieces
  • Meet your two
    new friends
  • And so many more!
  • Mobile Personal Assistant
    Film on the go with this phone-holding car! ClicBot can be your little helper when you'd like to take cool photos & videos. What's more, it can run with you!
    • Hands-on learning
      Education through hands-on learning has a great influence on STEM learning and makes it interesting. Just click pieces together according to your idea and imagination and you’ll realize that your imagination has no limit.
    • Climb on the window
      Spider man is cool right? With Suction Cup, building a robot who can climb on the window is easy for everybody.
    • Play Trivia
      You can not only build, interact with Bac, but also play Trivia. Just move your hand to right or to left to give your answer and there will be an instant result shown on the screen.
    • Phone Holder
      ClicBot is a robot and it can also be your little helper in life. When you’d like to take a picture, just use Phone Holder to build a phone holder robot.
    • Car racing
      Want a car racing with your friends or family? You can make so many cool cars by clicking different modules with Wheels together.
    • Take a picture
      Using ClicBot, you can not only create a phone holder, but also make this phone holder follow you. Whether when you go skating, skiing in the winter or traveling during the spring time, ClicBot phone holder can go with you and record your memorable moment.
    • Two-wheeled self-balancing car
      How about having a race with Bic? Our two-wheeled self-balancing car. Only use one Brain, two Joints, two Wheels, you can get a two-wheeled self-balancing car. And it can run really fast!
    • Dancing car
      Building a car that can see, can laugh, and even can dance! Don’t forget, it can also run:)
    • Program
      With ClicBot APP, you can learn how to code and understand how robotics works and operates through fun and interactive features that lets you make what you want.
    • Grasp an object
      It's so cool to build a robot car who can run. How about building a robot car who can grasp objects? Grasper, one of the modules which can grasp objects in different shapes will bring you a lot of fun during the playtime.
    • Build a Walkie Walkie robot
      With Suction Cup, you can not only create a Spider robot, but also create a Walkie Walkie robot.
    • Dance with Bac
      Bac loves dance! Why not dance with Bac - a robot who owns cute and mischievous personality? We’re sure of that you’ll get a unique and interesting dance time.
    • Play with Bic
      Two wheeled self-balancing robot - Bic is able to travel around your little world with only two wheels! Four wheeled car is so cool, two wheeled car is too cool!
Modules that let you make ClicBot your own
  • Go from zero-to-hero in programming skills
  • Looking for something a little more advanced? Our user-friendly drag & drop programming tool allows you to connect preconfigured ClicBot actions together. Even if you have no idea to code, you can program your ClicBot easily! And by programming through drag & drop ways, you’ll get more familiar with coding, which maybe helps to code a spaceship in the future! Who knows!
  • Share the magic, share the fun!
    Community in ClicBot APP is a place where all ClicBoters can share their interesting creations! Made something magical that you want to share with the world? Simply upload your artworks, photos, code programs, or ClicBot set-ups in the ClicBot Community. If you are looking for inspiration, Community is a fantastic hub. View set-ups created by others, download and try out for yourself.